All About Leukorrhea: The Meaning Behind its Colour

Leukorrhea is usually a sensitive topic for women. However, it is also important to address this medical phenomenon. To expand on the topic, leukorrhea or leucorrhoea is the natural process of the body to release white discharge in women. It may vary in texture and colour which is an indication of the state of the feminine health. Thus, it is important to understand how leukorrhea normally looks like and what it means.

White Discharge

There’s no need to worry if you find some white discharge in your underwear. This is the normal colour of leukorrhea. Furthermore, this usually happens around the time of your period. However, if it is accompanied by itching or resembles a lumpy cottage cheese-like texture, it may be a sign yeast infection. Proper treatment is needed for this.

Clear Discharge

Leukorrhea is sometimes clear and watery in appearance. You can take a deep breath because this is perfectly normal. Moreover, this kind of discharge occurs at any time. On the other hand, clear and a bit sticky or stretchy discharge is a sign of ovulation. There’s really nothing to be concerned about this kind of leukorrhea.

Brown Discharge

Leukorrhea even happens during your period. Therefore, it is normal for your discharge to contain bits of blood. Furthermore, it may be brown in appearance towards the end of your period. However brown discharge or spotty discharge in between your period may indicate pregnancy. On the downside, brown discharge is sometimes a sign of cervical cancer. It is best to pay your gyno a visit if you experience this kind of leukorrhea.

Green or Yellow White Discharge

On the other hand, leukorrhea in thick texture with greenish or yellowish colour is a red flag. Green or yellow white discharge indicates infection. Moreover, bad odour is also present in this kind of leukorrhea. STIs and other kinds of intimate area infection can cause green or yellow white discharge. Seek your doctor immediately at first sight.

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