Feminine Care Emergency Kit Must Haves

Living in a fast-paced world means women are always on the go. But when you’re far from home, female emergencies can happen. That’s why it is best to take the extra measure always keep some handy feminine products in your handbag. Whether you are off to work, to go out and about, or hit the gym a feminine care kit will save you the trouble. We have rounded up the essential feminine hygiene products to build your feminine care kit.

1. Alcohol or hand sanitizer

The first thing to have in your feminine care kit is a handy bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer. You have to make sure that your hands are clean when dealing with your intimate. Thus, make it a priority to put a travel-sized alcohol or hand sanitizer in your kit.

2. Feminine wipes

Because public toilets are not really well-equipped with sanitary products, it is more practical to just bring your own. Include a pack of feminine wipes in your feminine care kit. After every trip to the public restrooms, wipe away and keep your intimate area in check.

3. Sanitary Products

Red days are often unpredictable. Therefore, be always prepared by keeping sanitary products in your feminine care kit. Throw in a few feminine napkin or tampons to save you the trouble. Moreover, you can also lend a helping hand to a fellow woman in need.

4. Feminine Wash

If you feel icky and uncomfortable down there, you might need a good wash. Thus, always keep a handy feminine wash in your feminine care kit. You can put some of your Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser at home in travel-sized bottles and you’re good to go.

5. Spare underwear

When you are out and about, a million things could go wrong. To save yourself from the stress of unexpected trouble, keep a spare underwear in your feminine care kit. You never know when you will need one so better be prepared. Whether it is a period stain or unpleasant smell, you’re all set.

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