Feminine Hygiene Tips To Make Your Intimate Parts Smell Good

Feminine Hygiene to Smell Good

How the intimate parts smell greatly affects our confidence and our intimate health. That’s why feminine hygiene should be given the utmost importance. While our intimate area has an innate natural smell, there are plenty of things we can do step up our feminine care game to make it smell better “down there”.

1. Keep it breezy and breathable

Rule number one of feminine hygiene is to keep your underwear fresh and clean. But it’s not that simple. You should opt for cotton material to help keep the moisture in your intimate area feel cool and breezy. This helps reduce sweat and odour-causing bacteria build up. At night, you can even strip it down and go commando! Letting your lady bits breathe is an important habit.

2. Trim it down

Pubic hair contributes to your intimate area’s smell. Hair traps sweat and other body fluids. That’s why regular shaving or trimming should be a part of good feminine hygiene. For ladies who wish an all-out clean, Brazillian wax or IPL is also an option.

3. Wash often

Washing the intimate area is a no-brainer feminine hygiene habit. In order to smell good, women should wash their private parts with feminine wash as often as possible. For best results, stick to natural feminine wash specially formulated for the sensitive parts such as Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Wash.

4. Wipe, wipe and away

Every trip to the bathroom should end with the use of feminine wipes. Wiping the outer surface of the intimate area is a good feminine hygiene. It eliminates the scent of urine, sweat and natural discharge.

5. Eat properly

Believe or not, your diet is also part of feminine hygiene. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. The food you intake affects the smell of your intimate parts. Steer clear of spices, garlic, onions, red meat, and dairy. Be conscious of the food you to eat to help you smell good down there.

6. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is also a great habit for feminine hygiene. Drinking plenty of water can do wonders on how your lady parts smell. This flushes out body toxins that cause odour.

7. Take a trip to the gyno

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, regular trips to your gynaecologist are important to maintain proper feminine hygiene. Checkups and consultations will give a better idea on how to properly take good feminine care.

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