The Different Types of White Discharge and What They Mean

White discharge or sometimes thick white discharge is a phenomenon all women experience in their lives. This is the medical condition called leukorrhea or leucorrhoea. There are times that you will spot a white stain in your underwear. Don’t panic right away because most often than not, this is completely normal. If you want to know if your white discharge is normal or a red flag, let’s take a closer look.

Creamy White Discharge

Milky or creamy white discharge is the most common type of white discharge. It can indicate a number of things. Women sometimes experience this during ovulation. A thick and stretchy discharge is a sign that you are ovulating. However, in some instances, creamy white discharge is an early sign of pregnancy. On the other hand, if the discharge is odourless, this is just a case of leukorrhea.

Thick White Discharge

On the other hand, some women experience thick white discharge. This type of white discharge can be concerning for some women. However, most cases of thick white discharge are normal. As the menstrual cycle progresses, white discharge begins to thicken. Women experience this during the monthly cycle or during pregnancy. Moreover, thick white discharge may also be released at the end of the menstrual cycle.

However, if your white discharge begins to show a slightly yellow or green colour, it is a sign of infection and bacteria. White yellow discharge is caused by yeast infection. It is best to consult a doctor if you experience this kind of white discharge.

Excessive Discharge

While an excessive amount of white discharge can be normal, it may also be a sign to make a trip to the doctor’s clinic. Excessive thick white discharge is particularly common in pregnancy. However, do notice if the white discharge is accompanied by pain, unusual odour and a different colour such as brown or red. It is best to take precaution and consult a doctor immediately.

There are different types of white discharge. And usually, they are a normal bodily phenomenon. If you sense something wrong, see your doctor right away. This is a healthy habit to take care of your intimate area. If you are bothered by your white discharge, observe proper feminine hygiene. Stay tuned to our blog for white discharge solution and tips on how to cure white discharge naturally. Shop our line of gentle feminine care products at our e-store now!

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